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Convert PNG images to PDF

(BSD style license)
  Converter from PNG/JPEG/NetPBM to EPS. EPS levels 1, 2 and 3 supported. Support for run-length compression, flate compression and ASCII85-encoding. Alpha channel usage for mixing against background color or for image mask creation.
(BSD style license)
Dirk Krause's libraries and related tools.
The libraries provide a portability layer to hide system differences from an application programmer and modules for sorted storage, logging and localization.
Additional tools are included (string table compiler, trace tool for C, C++, Objective-C and Java).
(BSD style license)
A set of various tools, including:
  • kls - ls clone, output column order configurable
  • showhex - shows binary files in hexadecimal notation
  • tabrep - filter, replaces tabulators by sequences of spaces
  • tape - backup media managment program
  • uid - searches for free user ID in a given range
  • ksort - partial sort clone, can sort by floating point numbers
  • klammern - reports brackests in source code
  • dklogger - logger clone (mainly intended for use on Windows)
  • addctrld - add a finishing Ctrl-D to a PS print job
  • createp - password suggestor
  • cona - file name corrector, removes spaces and umlauts from file names
  • pdfcmb - changes media box entry in PDF files
(BSD style license)
Conversion program to produce a C state machine function from a table based description.
(BSD style license)
A perl script to produce host related information (/etc/hosts, /etc/ethers, /etc/netgroup, /etc/dhcpd.conf and /var/yp/securenets) and a network documentation netdocu.tex from one file /etc/dhcpd.conf.src.
(BSD style license)
Conversion program from PNG to PDF.
(BSD style license)
Conversion program from Fig to MetaPost, EPS and SVG.
(BSD style license)
Set of lpc/lpq/lprm/lpc clones for use on Windows.
(BSD style license)
A simple print filter for the LPRng print system, retrieves pagecounter value using SNMP.
(BSD style license)
Print quota daemon for use with LPRng.