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Recommended patches for the X11 font library

Recommended patches for the X11 font library

by Sergey Babkin <>, <>

These are patches for XFree86 versions 3.3.4 and 3.9 to fix a few known problems with big Type1 fonts and with strange handling of the standard stem width table. The patch for XFree86 3.3.4 probably may be easily installed on any other distribution of X11. They are supposed to be installed in the subdirectory
of the X11 source tree and after that the font library, font server and X server should be rebuilt.

Sorry that the description has so little details but if you know how to build X11 then this is enough, otherwise any more details won't help much.

The patches have been submitted to the XFree86 project, hope they will be included in some next release of XFree86 and X11.